Eva Green: the Femme Fatale of Hollywood

Beautiful Eva Green is a truly unique woman. The French actress and model is one of the rare embodiments of the classic cinema.

The actress has a very interesting family tree. Her father Walter Green is of Swedish and Breton descent; through him, she is the great-granddaughter of composer Paul Le Flem. He emigrated to Paris at the age of 16 and became a dentist.

Eva’s mother Marlène Jobert has Jewish and Algerian roots. She is a very popular European actress who starred in numerous movies, including “Masculin Féminin” directed by Jean-Luc Godard and “The Accuser” directed by Jean-Louis Bertucelli.

Walter Green has also appeared on the silver screen. In 1960s, he played a small role in one of the Robert Bresson’s movies. Thanks to it, he meet her future wife Marlène Jobert. Their mutual friend Jean-Luc Godard introduced them to each other when Marlène played in his film “Masculin, féminin”.

Eva Green has a younger twin sister named Joy. She is only two minutes older. Nevertheless, Eva’s sister has nothing to do with the cinema industry. She lives in Italy and has a wine business.

The first photo shoot of Eve took place in her early childhood when the girl was only two months old. Her mother Marlène Jobert posed for a popular French magazine together with her newborn twins. By the way, they did it again for the same magazine 40 years later.