Five Good Films About Bad Guys

I picked the best crime films where protagonists do bad things.

Never Die Alone

Rapper DMX plays a hardened drug dealer who gets terribly murdered at the very beginning of the film. The witness of the crime finds a collection of audio tapes in the dead man’s car. Thanks to them, he finds out all the scary secrets of the deceased brutal drug lord from the streets of Los Angeles.

Dead Man Running

If you like dark English humor as much as I do, you will definitely like this British crime comedy film. It tells a story of a petty criminal who has only one day to pay back the 100 thousand pounds he owes to a moneylender. As you might have guessed, he does not know how to find such a large amount in such a short time. However, he has to do something in order to survive. Will he manage to find the money in time?

Lucky Number Slevin

Sometimes you are just plain unlucky. Slevin has one of those periods. He is at the low point of his life: his girlfriend left him, he got evicted from his apartment and fired from his job. Last but not least, he owes a ton of money to a criminal boss. It seems that there is no way out for the protagonist. However, there is no unsolvable problem when you have a cold head and a strong character.


The film is based on a true story of George Jung, one of the biggest drug traffickers and smugglers in the USA. He became incredibly rich and lived a life full of luxury. However, his story did not end well. There are no happy endings for criminals, so Jung’s is not the greatest role model.

No Good Deed

Idris Elba plays a bad guy who escaped prison. Now he is pretending to be a regular law-abiding citizen. Unfortunately, he just cannot hold his evil urges. The protagonist turns his ex-fiancé’s life into a nightmare even though she tried to help him.