Which Sequels of Famous Action Films Were Planned But Never Appeared on Screens

Double Impact

An action film “Double Impact” of 1991 is the best movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme among the projects set at the beginning of 90s. The roles of enemy combatants against Van Damme were acted by an action films star Bolo Yeung and by a multiple bodybuilding champion Corinna Everson.

Double Impact (1991) poster

The next project “Double Impact 2” wasn’t interesting to Hollywood, so it was decided to make the film in Hong Kong. But Van Damme didn’t accept the offer – only Hollywood, no way! And it’s obvious then that it was impossible to make a sequel without an actor for the leading part. 


An action film “Commando” of 1985 has proven itself at the box office quite well, gathering more than 57 million with the budget of 10 million only. And for Arnold Schwarzenegger this movie was just another step to become a star of action films. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Commando”

The screenplay of “Commando 2” was ready – the character of “Iron Arnie” had to save his daughter out of a captured by the terrorists skyscraper. But Arnold refused to act and the plot was completely changed to fit the other actor. That’s why another action film appeared in 1988 – “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis at the leading part. The ex-soldier was exchanged with the policeman while his wife was instead of the daughter. 

Judge Dredd

The movie “Judge Dredd” was based on the self-named comics story and was originally conceived as a trilogy. But the failure at the box office put a real crimp on the planned sequel. Having the budget of 90 million, the movie could gather only 113 million (don’t forget that the cinemas take 50% out of it). So the result is expected, unfortunately…

Sylvester Stallone as judge Dredd