The Smallest Superhero: 7 Greatest Paul Rudd Roles


Role: Scott Lang / Ant-Man

An engineer released from prison after serving three years for burglary. However, he still has plenty of problems. His wife left him and he cannot find a good job. Out of desperation, Lang decides to become a theft again. However, Scott finds a very strange costume instead of the money he was promised.


Role: Mike Hannigan

Paul played Phoebe’s boyfriend and husband. He appeared in eighteen episodes of Friends aired between 2002-2004. Fans think that Paul Rudd was a great addition to the main cast of the popular series.

The Catcher Was a Spy

Role: Moe Berg, baseball player

During World War II, the US intelligence agency recruits an athlete and sends him to Germany. His mission is to capture or kill one of the creators of the atomic bomb.

The Shape of Things

Role: Adam Sorenson, student

Adam is a student who works as a security guard in an art gallery near his home. His life is serene and calm, but everything changes when he meets Evelyn — a beautiful graduate art student obsessed with freedom and sex.

I Love You, Man

Role: Peter Klaven, real estate agent

In this comedy about male friendship, Paul played a successful realtor who has no friends. He does not even know how to choose his best man for the wedding. Therefore, he asks his mom and brother to help him find a true friend.


Role: Mr. Anderson, English teacher

In the film adaptation of Steven Chbosky’s self-directed novel, Paul Rudd plays Mr. Anderson, an English teacher. He supports Charlie, the main character who is depressed after the death of his aunt and the suicide of his best friend.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Role: David, the protagonist’s colleague

Andy Stitzer is 40 years old and he is very lonely. His colleagues from the electronic good store, where he works as a clerk, avoid him and suspect that he is a maniac. One day, they invite him to play poker together. After the game, Andy makes a confession. Turns out that he is still a virgin. His colleagues decided to help him lose his virginity.

Eva Green: the Femme Fatale of Hollywood

Beautiful Eva Green is a truly unique woman. The French actress and model is one of the rare embodiments of the classic cinema.

The actress has a very interesting family tree. Her father Walter Green is of Swedish and Breton descent; through him, she is the great-granddaughter of composer Paul Le Flem. He emigrated to Paris at the age of 16 and became a dentist.

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Jason Momoa’s Early Life

Jason Momoa was born in 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, but spent most of his childhood in Norwalk, Iowa. He has Native Hawaiian, German, Native American, and Irish roots.

Both of his parents were creative people. Jason’s mother Coni was a photographer and his father Joseph was a painter. They have divorced soon after Momoa’s birth. He lived with mother, who taught him to pursue his goals and never give up.

After graduating from high school, Jason went to college and studied marine biology. Then he majored in wildlife biology in Colorado State University. Considering that, no wonder Jason Momoa loves Mother Nature so much. He is an environmentalist and ocean activist. Actor once said in an interview that he wants to spend his live saving the oceans.

Jason Momoa maintains an active lifestyle. He is an avid climber. The actor started climbing at a young age. He wants to pass this hobby on to his kids.

The actor spend the most of his youth traveling around the world. He studied art in Paris and visited Tiber to learn the secrets of Tibetan Buddhism. When Momoa was 19, he worked at a surf shop in Hawaii. It helped the actor to get the role in the popular television series Baywatch.

Jason Momoa began modeling in 1998. Considering his handsome face and athletic body, Jason was swamped with work offered by the best model agencies. He worked with the most popular design and fashion experts such as Takeo Kobayashi and won the 1999 Hawaii’s Model of the Year award. Moreover, Jason Momoa participated in the prestigious Governor’s Fashion Show and walked the runway for Louis Vuitton.

Nevertheless, Jason’s career path has changed drastically after he was cast in the Baywatch TV series. Momoa quit modeling and decided to focus on his acting career. He is one of the most popular actors in the world nowadays.