Apple Will Start Making Films Soon. Why is This Happening?


One of the most famous directors of the 21st century, Martin Scorsese, wrote a letter to Universal Pictures in early May. He wanted the company to finance his new film. Universal Pictures considered the planned budget of film to be overly high and refused the offer.

However, Scorsese did not give up on his idea. He wrote a letter to Apple and proposed to finance his motion picture on the condition that Universal would be involved in the production and filming.

Apple’s Answer

Scorsese did not have to wait for a long time. Apple agreed to finance his project. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures will be the distributor of the film, while Apple will take all the financing costs. Some sources claim that the contact has not been formally signed yet, but it will be done in the near future.

Title, Plot and Actors

The upcoming film’s title is Killers of the Flower Moon. The movie will tell a story about the events of the 1920s. The screenplay is based on the bestselling book by David Grann with the same title.

According to the plot of the book, someone murders Osage Indians in Oklahoma after big oil deposits were discovered beneath their land. It caught the attention of the FBI, which started an investigation.

As for the cast, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio will play the leading roles.

Why this movie is worth watching?

First of all, Apple will definitely make a high-quality product in collaboration with Universal Pictures. Secondly, the film has a huge all-star cast with some of the best actors on the planet. Thirdly, it is based on a worldwide-known bests-selling book.